iPhone ringtone maker software
iPhone ringtone maker software - free trial
Sync music from iPod to iPod
Quickly copy music to and from iPod, iPhone or iPad to PC without iTunes - free trial
Free download: Subversion TortoiseSVN Tutorial
Free Download: Subversion TortoiseSVN Tutorial
Free download: customer service software
Free Download: Customer Sevice Software
Free download: tutorial Excel (in Dutch)
Free Download: Tutorial Excel (In Dutch)

Professional Software Development

Hello and welcome to my site ictexpertise.com.

My name is Richard Zwinkels. I am a professional software developer. I am very passionate about software development and I love helping people making their lives better by developing quality software for them. I'm a full-time professional software developer. I have many years of experience developing private and commercial business software in several programming languages or techniques, including C, C#, VB, PHP, Pascal, Java, SQL, Webservices, XML, XSL, HTML, CSS, ASP, MVC, VBA, PLM, Assembly and Access and many more.

I also like electronics and I love to learn new things everyday. I'm a technical computer scientist, so I also know how electronics and digital circuits work.

Do you need specific software?

In case you are looking for specific software, maybe I can help and develop customized software for you. Maybe you have suggestions or ideas for new useful software? Don't hesitate to contact me.

Want to learn programming yourself?

You want to know how to program a computer? On my site I explain how to get started.

It's my intention to also explain about electronics and digital logic. I want make video's in the future and show how to build certain simple circuits to help you get started and understand how these circuits work. For the meantime, I will make use of someone else's video's to make things clearer.

Further, I want to explain how you should use certain commonly used software and how you can improve your computing experience. Also, I want to show some useful tools that you should get. I'll explain how these tools work.

I hope you learn something new from my site and would like to hear from you in case I can explain something. Send your message via the contact page.

For more information on how do you program a computer, visit the how to make a computer program page on my site.

Software study, tools and favorite download sites

Visit my software study page for useful information regarding Microsoft Word, Windows 8, Internet Explorer, how to use Google effectively and other things that interest me or what I've learned and might also be useful for you.

On my computer software tools page you'll find several interesting programs and tools I use often.

I've also created a page on which you'll find my mostly used download sites. I think you'll find them useful also.

Free customer-service software download

Above you can see a screenshot of a simple customer-service software developed by me which you may use for free and give to your friends.

This software can be useful whenever you have many contacts by phone with your customers and want to make notes for each customer. These notes are stored per day.

You can download this customer-service software for free and you may use it without any limitation.

Eventually I can alter this software to meet your needs, by - for example - making it possible to print reports or coupling a order and invoice system to it.

Free Excel starting course in Dutch language

For Dutch visitors on this site, I provide a free Excel tutorial, which can be downloaded here for free.

Burn your favorite movies on DVD

With Xilisoft DVD Creator it is very easy to burn your favorite movies on DVD. You can customize a DVD menu so that it is easy to select which movie you want to play on your DVD player. Free version available for direct download.

Great iTunes alternative

Are you tired of iTunes, because it's slow or you just want to manage your iPhone, iPod or iPad much easier like a removable disk? There's a great alternative for iTunes. Click here for more information: sync music from iPod to iPod.

iPhone ringtone maker

Do you want to create your own iPhone, iPad or iPod touch ringtones quickly and easily? Then take a look at this simple program. You can even try it for free! Visit the following page: how do i make an iPhone ringtone.

Professional Software Development
ICT Expertise