What is an iPod Touch

Probably you wondered what is an iPod Touch. Well, it's almost like an iPhone, but without the telephone function. It's a great MP3 audio player, you can browse the internet when a wifi hotspot is near, watch pictures and video's, play games, you have a calender, a notebook and you can download a lot of free and paid apps in the iTunes store. When you want to learn more about what is an iPod Touch complete list of features, click on one of the models below to find out more.


What is an iPod Touch capable of?

The above iPod Touch models all are the 4th generation model. These are all the newest models. Watch the video below to learn more about what is an iPod Touch.

Above models have the following common features:

• Up to 40 hours of audio playing time or 7 uur of video playing time on a single batterycharge.

• 3.5-inch (diagonal) widescreen Multi-Touch display with 960 x 640-pixel resolution (326 pixels per inch)

• Support for AAC, Protected AAC (iTunes Store), MP3, MP3 VBR, Audible, Apple Lossless, AIFF and WAV; H.264, MPEG-4, and Motion JPEG video codecs in M4V, MP4, MOV, and AVI formats.

• Two built-in camera's.

• Clear retina display.

• Recording of speech/talk-memo's.

• BlueTooth support.

• AppStore: choice of incredibly much free and paid apps.

• iTunes.

• iMovie.

• iBooks.

• E-mail.

• Safari webbrowser.

• Pictures.

• One year limited warranty.

• Secure and safe purchase via Amazon. Amazon is known for their reliable deliveries

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