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Learn using Google the right way

Most people have no idea all things you can do with Google. You can find what your looking for much easier when you know how to use Google the right way. Googleguide is an excellent resource for this. Get amazed with all you can do with this amazing search-engine. You'll won't regret spending some time on that site.

Learn how to really use Microsoft Word

Sometimes when I am making a Word document, certain pages need to be oriented portrait and certain pages need to be oriented landscape in the same document. This can easily be accomplished by inserting a section break. Go to the 'Page Layout' tab in the 'Page Setup' group and click 'Breaks' and choose 'Next Page'. Go with your cursor to the new page that is now created and alter the page orientation and you'll see that the page orientation of the previous pages remain intact. This page explains how to remove a section break.

In the following video's Scott Hanselman explains very well how to effectively use Microsoft Word. Most people think how to use Word. Once you've seen the video's below, you'll know much more about Word than most people.

How to REALLY use Microsoft Word: Tabs and Indents

How to REALLY use Microsoft Office - Creating Forms in Word

How to REALLY use Microsoft Office: Word Section Breaks, Portrait and Layout

How to REALLY use Microsoft Office: Word Styles 101

Windows 8 training video's

Scott Hanselman also created a few excellent video's explaining how to use Windows 8 effectively. When you're just starting using Window 8 it can be quite confusing. Just watch the video's and you'll better understand how to use it more effectively.

Internet Explorer tips

Did you know that with the key combinations Ctrl + and Ctrl - you can easily zoom in and out on a webpage in Internet Explorer? I just found out today. Very useful. To reset to a 100% default view just use Ctrl 0. Zooming in and out is also easily done by holding down the Ctrl key while turning the mouse-wheel.

Another nice thing to know is that Internet Explorer has a built in profiler: just press the F12 key. This works in Internet Explorer 8. You can also install the Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar.

In the print preview function (click on the printer icon and select print preview), you have some useful settings in case you want print a webpage on the printer. In the preview screen you can zoom the webpage in and out in order to adjust how the pages will be printed.

In Chrome also the F12 button gives insight into the currently loaded webpage. This is great when you want to view all HTML and CSS of a webpage you visit.

For Firefox you can install the webdeveloper toolbar.

Clean and secure your internet connection

First I want to explain what is a DNS (or domain name server). When you type in an address in your browser - like e.g. - this address is sent to the DNS of your internet service provider (or ISP for short). The DNS translates this address into a numeric computer address (currently IP-address for my site) on which this site can be found on the net. You can see this in action when you type cmd in your Windows start menu-box in Windows 7 or Start-Run in Windows XP. In the black screen that then appears type in: ping and you'll see what I mean: you'll get a response indicating the IP-address of the webserver on which my site is running. The DNS-server is used in this process to make the translation.

Recently I installed the OpenDNS server addresses in my home network DNS-entries. It's really wonderful. The DNS-servers of OpenDNS are now directing my internet traffic instead of the DNS servers of my provider. I just registered on their site and filled in the categories of webpages I no longer want to show up in my browser and setup the addresses of their DNS servers in my network. It's a peace of mind to know that our children can't go to the most of the wrong sites by accident. Highly recommended and it's completely free. No need for installing software on your computer, just configure the DNS addresses. Malicious sites or sites from unwanted categories (you've chosen) will be automatically blocked.

Best is to do this on your router secured by a password you only know in case that's possible. My router doesn't support this, so I had to enter these addresses on each computer in my home network (off course this is less secure). On the site of OpenDNS is explained how this is accomplished. By the way, in case you have to enter the DNS addresses on each computer in the network, it's recommended to disable access to the networksettings by your kids via the group policy editor (gpedit.msc) in case you know how this works.

After all those years on the internet, finally a cleaner internet! For the meantime I'm very happy with OpenDNS. OpenDNS is fast and is also like a community: you can vote for sites in which category they belong. Also you can add new sites that weren't filtered yet. The community will then decide in which category your submitted site will be stored.

Recently, OpenDNS released it's first version of DNSCrypt for Windows. This basically encrypts the DNS requests between your computer and the OpenDNS-server, making your connection safer. No longer what you type in your addres-bar in your browser is sent to OpenDNS as plain text, but instead coded data. This makes it more difficult or even impossible for malicious software, hackers or your ISP to recognize which sites you are visiting, thereby increasing your security and privacy.

Digital logic

Have you ever wondered how digital electronic devices work internally?

Digital logic is fun to learn with a free simulator. Visit the following page for more information to learn what is digital logic.

Design Patterns

Read these short introductions about design patterns and design patterns simplified.


When you want to learn the basics of Photoshop, you can find a good tutorial here.

iPhone - iPad - iPod

Music player tip

Of course you like to play music on your iPhone, iPad or iPod. The following tip is very useful. In the default music player app of your device, you can scroll from left to right in order to find a the start of a specific part of your song. This scrolling is not very accurate, so it's a little bit difficult to find the correct starting-position in your song. That's because the scrolling speed is quite fast initially. However, when you tap and hold your finger on the slider and move your finger downwards instead of to the left or right, you're able to adjust your scrolling speed. When you have the desired speed, then scroll to the left or right. This allows to find more accurately the start of a specific part of your song.

Saving battery-life power tip

Always turn Wifi / 3G / Bluetooth off in case you're not using it. For when it is on, your device uses more power. Also turning off location services and your music equalizer saves power.


I've seen several times that when using a USB webcam with built-in microphone with Skype when you want to call that people can't hear you. It's because Skype is automatically switching back using the default (perhaps non-existing) microphone when you unplug your webcam. When you plugin the webcam again, this setting will remain like that (unfortunately). Maybe they will fix this rather sooner than later. Perhaps it's wise to leave the webcam always plugged in, so you'll probably have less issues.

It's easily solved by going to tools - options - audio settings. Choose the right microphone with the combobox. Often you see a description like webcam microphone when you open the combobox. Choose this microphone and speak some words. The green volumebar will be moving when you've choosen the right microphone. Next important step: click the Save button and you're done.

Computer Q&A

I like the site of Leo Notenboom where Leo explains a lot of common computer related questions and he answers these. See for yourself, I'm sure you'll find a lot of great tips from him. Another site which I like is SchoonePC, however it is in dutch language. Also a lot of useful tips can be found on that site.


The following websites contain a lot of useful information I still want to read or video's I want to watch. - Mobile device simulation - Cascading stylesheet for mobile sites



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